Friday, August 19, 2011

Diane Von Furstenberg Fall/Winter 2011

If you are looking for a dress (or 5) to last the many years to come, DVF is the brand you want to look into. Her dresses are classic, timeless, and highly versatile. Most important of all, they won't break your bank if you invest one or two a year. Each dress is less than $400, and usually there are a few colors you can choose from. Not a black dress person? DVF have eye-popping colors like green, fuchsia, orange, and royal blue. Not in the mood for a loud piece? DVF also have gray, earth tone, or nude/neutral ones for you to choose from.

Above: the same dress as seen in the first picture from Net-A-Porter but in Red instead of Gray. Look at the neck design! So gracefully done! Doesn't it remind you of Audrey Hepburn? A nice belt would also be a great complement to this dress; or style it with a long necklace for a chic look. I would also do a pearl necklace for a more classic look.

And of course the famous Maja dress seen on Kate Middleton on two separate occasions~
She worn this dress with nude (first time) and black (second time) pumps.

Love the sheer polka dot sleeves: a nice twist on a black wrap dress

Nice and simple; great with a pair of nude pumps

I love this one! Love the shiny gold buttons! It comes in black, fuchsia, and blue!
Can't decide on one...

Lace dress is very popular right now: this style comes in Navy and White~
I love the scallop sleeves and neck finishing.

I have been looking for alternatives for a blazer. Blazer can be stiff and too serious on a dress.
I think this chic jacket offers warmth and style at the same time but still keeps the seriousness of office attire.

A stone color coat really stands out in the heavy winter:
this coat has a flare bottom and classic lapels with a belt (everything you are looking for in a designer coat)
It goes with either pants/jeans or a dress~

And if you love the luxury look of furs (fur collar is removable), this one is a great choice in terms of price and looks.
Similar coats at Burberry's would cost a lot more than this one.

Going back to school is challenging in a lot of ways: first of all, I have a full closet of clothes that I can NOT wear them to school---that being said, I hope all you girls enjoy wearing dresses and fancy coats or shoes whenever you can~Life is short, wear dresses and eat desserts first!

More DVF here and here

Monday, July 18, 2011

If you want to know: how to lose weight and never gain it back

My beautiful friend Melissa is a hot mom with two kids and a successful career as a Nutritionist. I asked for her tips for staying fit and healthy with a busy schedule even after giving birth to two kids:

Let me first begin by saying nutrition is a science. We all live our day to day lives grossly uneducated in the science of nutrition. Ask your neighbor, your mother-in law, even a child in elementary school claims to know and understand how to eat, what foods are healthy and what foods are “bad”. Isn’t it phenomenal that at no point in our lives are we actually given a basic class on eating or nutrition? Most of us have never even had a lesson in purchasing and preparing foods. What “we” as a society know is merely what we learned from our parents, I might even go as far as to call them folk lore or wives tales. Nutrition has long been passed on via word of mouth, making room for quackery in the field….hence, “Fad Diets”. These diets bank on our lack of knowledge, our fear of asking questions, and our desire to quickly achieve the body of our dreams. But if we had the knowledge, and we understood the science- perhaps we as a public would be able to weed through the gimmicks and nutrition could become fact- instead of fiction. I might even venture to say that with understanding, and educated choices, dieting would become a thing of the past- we all could live actively and eat healthfully. Moreover, in changing our life-view of food we could help ourselves prevent chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and cancer. The evidence is there; the American Medical Association, the American Dietetic Association, and numerous non- profit organizations like the American Heart Association all recognize that healthy eating is linked to decreased incidence of chronic illness and that “Fad Diets” may provide initial weight loss, but are not easily sustained and weight loss is typically temporary...
In general, food choices are based on conscious and subconscious influences like personal preference (the like of certain foods), habit, ethic heritage, customs, convenience, availability (price considered), positive and negative associations (due to past memories), religious values, emotional comfort and the desire for a particular body weight or self image (food restriction). What interests me the most about this is that hunger is absent from this list. We overlook the fact that our body needs essential nutrients and foods have the chemical compounds that provide them. There are actually six of these basic nutrients and they are: Protein (a popular one), Fat, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals and Water. The first three make up what we call “calories” because they give energy to the body. Our bodies need this “energy” to walk, talk, run, think, breathe… you get my point. Now if you think of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates like money, each one has a separate value (like nickels, dimes and quarters) Protein and Carbohydrate and worth 4 calories per gram you eat. Fat is worth 9 calories per gram. And just to throw you a curve ball… alcohol, although it is not an essential nutrient, does give us calories; 7 calories per gram to be exact. Let’s go back to our money analogy, if you have budget of 2,000 calories, you can spend it anyway you wish on foods- however fats and alcohol are a more pricey item, whereas carbohydrates and proteins give you a lot more bang for your buck. If you are over “budget” your body stores all the extra calories in the form of fat. When you are under “budget” your body is forced to use some of the stored fat energy which results in weight loss, and that is what we are really after! So besides watching your calorie intake, here are other helpful tips:
1. Don’t skip breakfast! it sets your metabolism for the day! No breakfast= low metabolism
2. Don’t eat carbs for breakfast. Although some carbohydrates are fine, carbs digest in under 2 hours leaving your hungry again. Try eating a higher protein foods in the morning like an egg white sandwich with cheese. You’ll feel better and you won’t be snacking.
3. Only drink calorie free beverages. The fastest way to gain weight is to drink calories, always drink diet drinks or unsweetened ice tea or water. Be wary of alcohol… remember its 7 kcals/gram, so a drink could cost 100- 600 kcals!
4. Healthy TV dinners like Smart Ones, Healthy Choice, Lean Cuisine are a great option for lunch at work or an easy dinner. They are portion and calorie controlled- plus microwavable.
5. Don’t eat late. If you’re trying to drop those extra pounds stop eating by 5pm. Have dinner at 4pm and stick to calorie free drinks after that. Late night snacking and dinners is the down fall of most dieters.

-Melissa Cline R.D. LWMC MPH

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MYHABIT: A new private sale site

Just discovered this site last week--you have to go and check it out! If you are familiar with Gilt, this private sale site is the same concept: everyday it features few brands and offers DEEP discount. I feel obligated to have a post to introduce this site to my friends, because:

  • If you are a lazy person like me, then you will like this: you can log in with your Amazon ID and password! If you are a member of, you can log in with your ID and password as well! (which means you don't have to type in address and billing info one more time!)
  • FREE SHIPPING AND FREE RETURN. You have 21 days to return an item for store credit, and you get to use the credit at Myhabit, Amazon, and!
  • Compared to Gilt, they ship a lot faster: I bought a jacket on 6/28, got it on 7/1!
  • They have coupon code to save you some $: Save $25 with code summer25 before 8/1; save $10 with myhabit1 before 9/1
This was from yesterday sale: $10 Badgley Mischka heels. Sold out right away~(where do you buy authentic $10 designer brand shoes now a days?)
Today Myhabit has Gryson hangbags:

Dolce & Gabbana:

Robert Rodriguez:
And Anzie Jewelry:

 I also bought this Erin Fetherston suit jacket last week:

By the way, I love Erin Fetherston! Her design is so feminine and yet modern!
Look at the layers of the skirt: even with a jacket on top, you outfit is still full of details! (I regret I didn't buy it)


Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Reiss Creme dress/Reiss Jen dress/Reiss Peacock dress

Creme dress in Blue

Jen dress in White

Peacock dress in Cream
(This dress is like a dream: pictures don't do the justice.)

 (please email me if you are interested in buying any of the dresses--limited stock available)
More to come

Vivian is coming home~

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Kate Middleton's Burberry coat; REISS Dress; and many others

I have been busy
(click the pictures to make them big)

Not sure if anyone cares, but I posted pretty much all the recent (= past month) purchase!!! I finished a big final exam this morning, so I went shopping at 11:30am with my stuffy nose~

Check out the light blue dress from J.Crew. It's not on sale, but it's adorable. They don't have this color online, however. I wear a size 2 in this dress. $168 Ouch but I love it! Love the puffy princess sleeves and the grosgrain ribbons around the waist. ***** 5 stars!

Juicy couture has some awesome stuff lately; I am actually tired of their track suits...sorry Juicy, I know it's your signature stuff but enough is enough. See that nude/cream color lacy crop jacket? Super cute and elegant! I will pair it with pants or a dress! On sale for $89, I got a size small. **** 4 stars

Nanette Lepore Ombre dress...Pictures don't do the justice! I bought it via Gilt...size 6 but from the waist down is roomy...but I worry if go down a size my bust area would be too tight :( See if you can find it online somewhere, I am too sleepy to look around now
**** 4 stars

Ok, the famous Burberry coat ***** 5 stars Need I say more?

REISS dress: size 4. It's ok. sleeves are bit longer. *** 3 stars

And then the $20 Juicy Couture jeans: size 26, super long (or my legs are super short) Best deal! **** 4 stars

Last: Juicy Navy Blue jacket: Size M. $139 ish? Love the buttons, both at the front and the sleeves; peacock tail details on the back; big, rounded collars...lots of details, very tailored, ***** 5 stars

That is it for now.  Email me if you have Qs!